• Wurrd Authentication API plugin 0.1.5 [zip] [tar] (source on GitHub)
  • Wurrd Client Interface plugin 1.0.6 [zip] [tar] (source on GitHub) – (***If upgrading, also upgrade Auth API to 0.1.5***)
  • As of Client Interface 1.0.6, you should optionally install the Mibew:GeoIP plugin to receive location data on the client. Our demo servers are already configured with this plugin


LiveHelperChat (Beta)

  • Wurrd Client Interface Extension 1.0.5 [zip] [tar] (source on GitHub)



  • Wurrd App on Android.
  • Wurrd App on iOS (Background App Refresh required).

Get it on Google Play                 appstore-iphone



 Getting Started


  • Install your preferred live chat platform (Mibew Messenger 2.x or LiveHelperChat 2.47+)
  • Install the Wurrd Authentication API and Client Interface plugins as necessary (see Downloads section)
  • Install the Wurrd app (listed in the app stores as “Wurrd”)
  • Sign in to the app using your operator account information
  • Set your schedule of availability
  • When a visitor initiates a chat, you will be notified on the device.



  • You do not need to modify your chat server installation to try it out. Visit the demo page which has servers with the plugins installed.
  • The iOS version of the app is still in beta but is mostly stable. Development on iOS is being complicated by the lack of a true background processing for apps. We continue to make improvements.
  • We are compiling some tips to provide your customers with a better mobile experience. It is recommended that you check out this post for some thoughts.


 Installing your Live Chat Server

  1. For Mibew Messenger, install the latest 2.x version from here.
    (Wurrd is currently tested against 2.0.0 through 2.1.1. There is a possibility that a newer version will break some functionality. We will do our best to keep it up-to-date with the latest release of the Mibew Messenger)
  2. For LiveHelperChat, install the latest 2.47 or above version from here.
    (Wurrd is currently tested against 2.47 through 2.48. There is a possibility that a newer version will break some functionality. We will do our best to keep it up-to-date with the latest release of LiveHelperChat)


Installing the Plugins

  1. Download the Wurrd Authentication API plugin and the Wurrd Client Interface plugin:
  2. Follow the plugin installation instructions to install them. You have to install the Authentication API plugin first. See this guide for instructions on how to install plugins in Mibew 2.x
  3. Note that after installing or updating the plugins you should clear the cache by deleting the stash directory from the <Mibew  server>/cache directory


Installing and Using the Wurrd App

  1. On your device, go to the Google Play or the App Store and search for Wurrd.
  2. In the app, enter the URL where your chat server is installed, e.g
  3. Enter an operator’s username.
  4. Enter the operator’s password (blank passwords are not currently supported)
  5. When a visitor requests to chat, the app will notify you and you can start chatting.


Other items


A. Availability

iphone_scheduleThe mobile client takes away the effort of having to open the visitor page to monitor visitors who want to chat. However, an operator does not have to be available 24/7 to chat. In the server details screen, the operator can set the time span during the day when they are available to chat. Set this as appropriate for each day of the week. The current defaults are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.



B. Demo

We have provided some demo installations here so you do not have to install the plugins to try out the Wurrd app. Visit the demo page, which has the plugins installed.


Terms, Conditions, and Privacy

  • By using this app you agree that we can contact you or your website’s webmaster regarding the operation of the app. Sometimes we can tell when there is a fundamental incompatibility between the app and your chat server. We would like to contact you to straighten it out.
  • Refer to our Privacy Policy about what information we may potentially collect from your device. Rest assured as we pride ourselves that the Wurrd app requires a really short list of permissions.